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Welcome to Animal Alliance of Galveston County

Animal Alliance of Galveston County’s mission is to eliminate the death of cats and dogs in Galveston County and surrounding areas due to overpopulation and infectious diseases by providing education on responsible guardianship and accessible, affordable spay-neuter and wellness services. We offer low cost pet care and sterilization to Galveston County and surrounding areas. The need for this service is overwhelming.

Thousands of healthy animals are put to death each year for the simple, unacceptable reason that there is not enough room in shelters to house them and not enough people to adopt them. Adding shelter space is not enough.

The solution to this problem is clear: We Must Lower The Reproduction Rate.

Our goal is to make it so that only animals that are so sick or behaviorally impaired as to not be adoptable, be euthanized in Galveston County and the surrounding areas.